Analyzing & Underwriting

Value-added service…Analyzing and underwriting the 4 fundamentals that affect pricing

Asset Position

  • Complete review of the assets’ competitive position in advance of entering the marketplace
  • Individualized, asset-specific marketing plan that maximizes the overall strengths of the property
  • Recommended strategies to maximize property value
  • Adherence to a comprehensive investor due-diligence checklist

Debt Capital Markets

  • Recognition that a majority of transactions are conducted by leveraged buyers seeking to acquire property utilizing 75-80% debt financing
  • Continual interaction with the most aggressive lenders (life insurance companies, GSE’s, pension funds, commercial banks and Wall Street conduits)
  • Constant monitoring of the volatile debt capital markets to ensure the lowest cost of capital and optimal terms, thus achieving maximum asset value

Market Strength

  • Thorough review of all properties within the competitive sub-market
  • Determination of the strengths of the overall market
  • Comparative analysis of the strengths and/or weaknesses of an asset in relation to the competitive sub-market
  • Monitoring of potential development activity to identify new construction and/or land availability for development of competitive product
  • Evaluation of economic and demographic growth patterns for the competitive sub-market and/or regional market
  • Identification of specific characteristics within the market that support a general upward trend and positive prospects for the future

Investor Demand

  • Accurate market timing which can often result in achieving positive pricing up to 10-15% of an asset’s value
  • Depth of investors actively pursuing the acquisition of similar properties which can have a significant impact on pricing
  • Experience of more than $947 million in real estate transactions, thus providing a continual assessment of the appetite and aggressiveness of investors
  • First-hand knowledge of a wide universe of buyers and their investment criteria which results in Reed Real Estate Partners conducting an efficient and timely transaction
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